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Happy belated Chinese New Year  

:) I think i kind of lazy bone, so long haven't update my blog. >_<

Anyway let this 2 Jolly Mah greeting you all Happy Chinese New Year.
My initial flight back to home town was on 1st Feb, but since I have to work on 1st, 2nd of feb. I postponed my flight to 3rd of Feb. Air Asia additionally charge me RM 80 just to delay my flight schdule. I am wonder should the penalty fees charge that high? Even in ticket industry I working in, I never charge a customer that high cost of penalty fees. Sometime we just help the customer change the ticket time without charging them anything... em.. Seem like we providing some free service there. I may need some feed back from you (reader) to give me some idea of how much should the penalty fees be charge.
Before going back to my hometown, I stop at one of the famous duck rice restaurent located at Nilai to have my lunch. You guy guess how much it cost? :)

Answer: RM 6.50 (I add additional another bowl of rice)

Not bad after all, it can last your hungry until late night and you won't feel hungry so easily.