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We Have Moved :D  

Hi all,

We Have Moved

I finally secure a domain name and today we officially moved to :D

When you are free, please pay us a visit :)



Finally Package From Germany Arrived  

Sorry for keep you all waiting, today I finally manage to upload my photo to Blog-spot. Let don't waste more time :), let me show you what I received from Germany...

Thanks Nils, you keep me waiting for 2 months for the package, and I keep you waiting for my blog post for a month :P. I am so sorry that keep you and you all waiting for my post as well.

This is a special autograph from Original Jolly Mah Designer (They call it Jolly Mama) :D. I am going to frame this up and hang it up in my living room. I believe Jolly Mama also wish you say Hi to all the NICI fan out there..

In the package, there is 4 mini NICI friend come all the way across the land from Germany to Malaysia.. From the left to the right, first the farm cow (Classic!)!. Jolly Ben!. Edward The Horse! And last The Farm Pig.. All of them are classic NICI plush, it is kind of hard to find them in market now days.

This is something special which I never seen before, It is plastic cloth printed with Jolly Wolf Story.. I will get another snap shot next time to show how big is it. The story tell, Jolly Wolf wish to be friend with all the Jolly Sheep. But by the nature of the sheep, when they see a wolf they ran away. All the sheep are so afraid of wolf. Jolly Wolf feel so sad, and suddenly he figure out a good idea.. He go back home and make himself a sheep skin, and he wear it up to meet the fellow Jolly Sheep again. Finally Jolly Wolf manage to get along with all the Jolly Sheep happily ever after. (Jolly Wolf a wolf that don't eat Sheep :D)

Here is some official NICI merchandise plastic bag, there are few different type of design. I wish Malaysia NICI can have those for the consumers in Malaysia, at least it make NICI buyer feel special when they buy NICI products from them.

Poker Card which is not available in Malaysia :) Ohh.. My precious.! And another thing, the package been open by custom due to they suspect this is a cigarette box. (In Malaysia cigarette need to be tax), so they rip it open as you can see at the bottom picture.
It is kind of sad that I am not the first one to open the box, and I don't know is there anything else is missing inside as well since I don't have the check list :(.

All the 14 cards and the back side of the card are illustrated here. I am not going to open it yet :P

Finally the catalogs direct from Germany, there is 3 copy of them :) I am going to give away another 2 copy for the up coming gathering. I promised to share what I have in extra :)

See, their full range of products! Which is not available in Malaysia NICI :(

NICI Koala Bear Joey :) which I think most Malaysian waiting for it for many months still not available in Malaysia..

Lastly, please log-on to for gamer & fun, exciting information :). should create more games for us NICI fans.. (Their programmer will overload with work like Jolly Hugo here)

p/s: Thanks Nils, and Jolly Mama. I am sending over something for you all too :) (Secret).


NICI - Bison 'Big Bow' and Grasshopper 'Mr. Hobs'  

I got some good news for all NICI Fans, there will be 2 new character "Big Bow" and "Mr Hobs"

The Big Bows looks like Jolly Mah Face Mix with TGI Tiger Nose.. And Hobs looks like Melinda Ants. I really wish NICI can do their Quality Check better this time, please make sure the new plush look like what the photo shown.. :) Else we NICI Fans going to bombard NICI Complain Department :D..

Seriously I love the Design of Bison.. For the Hobs, I think just another copy of Melinda..

"Altenkunstadt, 18th of Mai 2010. Big Bow, the slow-paced bison, and his small friend Mr. Hobs, the grasshopper, stick together through thick and thin. Big Bow, the inofficial boss of the bison herd, always likes it a little quieter than the rest. And therefore it is no surprise that he likes to clear out with his little friend from time to time. Both of them prefer sitting by the camp fire over taking on the daily chores with the herd. They contemplate, write letters to their friends in Africa and dream of lush green gras. The NICI GmbH complements its new Wild Friends assortment with the charismatic and weighty bison Big Bow.

These unequal friends from the Great Plains of North America combine Native American influences in an ethnic look with rough Wild West romanticism. Whether boy or girl, man or woman – bison Big Bow expertly casts his spell over all. Who wouldn't like to call a bison weighing almost a ton and measuring nearly 4 meters his or her friend? Easier to handle, though, is the “light“ version – dangling plush in 5 different sizes - from 15 cm to 80 cm. Whether as a clip-on animal, a beanbag with a key ring or as a lying plush bison in two sizes, Big Bow and Mr. Hobs are always around. The particularly thick, dark brown plush fur makes cuddling with this hunky guardian a very special experience.

The grasshopper makes a bold colourful statement and looks irresistible with its grass-green NICI plush. The high-quality workmanship and the elaborate design of all NICI products also convey the satisfactory feeling of having given oneself and others something of value. Bison Big Bow and Mr. Hobs are available in well-assorted gift and stationary shops, the internet, department stores as well as the 34 NICI shops.

A Product Range Leaving Nothing to Be Desired

The product line incorporating the bison and his little green friend not only enchants children. Female teenagers and young women are also absolutely enthusiastic about the new trendy shoulder bags in a cool ethnic design. Not forgetting the purse and the matching cell phone pouch. If the sunglasses are stored in one of the two extraordinary plush spectacle cases, the new look is brought to perfection. As soon as the funny pencil case and the ballpoint pen with the sleeping bison are unpacked in school, all of the other pupils will want to follow the new bison trend. The assortment also includes accessories for cosy moments at home: Apart from three different fluffy cushions, there is also a large plush hot-water bottle in the shape of a bison. The new Wild Friends collection offers everything the bison fan could desire. All products are made in tried and tested NICI quality and win over with their unique design and highest safety standards of the branded goods company from Altenkunstadt in Germany."

For More Information, click here
For Englisg Press Statement, click here


A Mail From Fans - Lana  

Today I receive an email from one of the NICI Fan, her name call Lana :). Today she going to share some of her collection for you all.

Please allow let me say Hi and welcome her to my Blog :)

Jolly Hugo and Jolly Wolf : "Horay! Shopping trip!"

Devil: "I hope Harry Potter don't mind about this.. >:)"
Handsome Jolly Wolf :) I can see that you keep it quite well... :D very neat indeed.


Jolly Bob - Handsome Jamaican  

"yuh good?" :D "I all the way from Jamaica to greet you all!"

Finally I manage to get a "good looking" Jamaican Jolly Bob from Designer Greeting in Mid Valley. For the pass 2 weeks, I am survey around NICI gift shop hope to find a handsome one. But sadly not much of the shop selling Jolly Bob and Jolly Lovely.In the end I went back to Designer Greeting and get it.

Well sadly to say, this batch of Jolly Bob quality are much better than Jolly Lovely. Refer to the last few post NICI - Jolly Lovely Bad QC.

For all the collectors out there, please check the..

1. Hand Line
2. Mouth Line
3. The part between Leg and Body, make sure it doesn't come off.
4. The Jamaican Hat, make sure the hat not torn (else the bean inside will come out)
5. :D Nice to Hug

"Love my Jamaican Hat don't ya?"
Jolly Bob and Jolly Lovely currently available at Cuddly Kingdom (NICI)


NICI - How Much Does a Hamster Carrot Cost?  

How much does a NICI Hamster Carrot Cost? :) What I can tell you is a NICI Hamster Carrot Cost RM 79.90, and it is equivalent to buying 20 kg of Carrot from fresh Market.. (assume RM 4.00 per KG).

I find this NICI Carrot hard to find, I consider this as an rare NICI collection :)


NICI - Quick Draw Jolly Mah  

Hahaha.. I done a quick draw on Jolly Mah by using Microsoft Paint.. I am not good in drawing using mouse, I hope this ugly drawing picture bring you a smile of the day..


NICI - Goleo  

Today, I went to IOI Mall Puchong for my dinner... After my dinner, I went to Jasco to buy some grocery stuff, and suddenly something caught my attention. This product is under "Best Buy" category, they seriously mark down the price..

I only manage to buy 2 of the good in condition NICI 2006 products (FIFA 2006), well I know it is a very sad history for NICI in 2006. And I am not going to go thru that part of story..

I am impressed by the handmade art work done by NICI.. look at the product below, isn't it beautiful?

Let's not forget about this.. :) Photo Clipper, I know the lion doesn't looks cute as what we have in wild animal series. But look at the quality of the material they use, and workmanship in it.. :)


NICI Jolly Lovely - Bad QC  

Good News! I finally found NICI Jolly Bob and Jolly Lovely in Malaysia, but sad news is.. The QC (Quality) of it is kind of bad :( I snapped few photo to explain.
Mouth Line: The mouth line suppose to be in "Y" shape, but it turn out to be funny "Y" shape. So please be careful of the mouth line here.

Mouth Line 2: Please compare the both top and bottom picture, you will see the top mouth line are slightly goes up (out of the mouth line track...) It is too obvious isn't it?

P/S: Come on NICI, you can make it better right? Please make sure of the QC department do their job properly..? Please make the QC Check Tag Mean some purpose there..

Cuddly Kindom - NICI Jolly Lovely and Jolly Bob


Hibikii using non-Genuine NICI for Road Show  

18 April 2010, I went to PIKOM PC Fair 2010 (the last day of the fair). I am actually looking forward for some best offer or deal of new laptop for my mom (Initially plan to get her iPad, but sadly it is not available in Malaysia yet) and sadly the fair turn my hope down :(.

PC-Fair nowadays are no longer selling their goods at the lower price compare to outside market. What they do this time are selling the laptop same price as market price (or RM 100 less) and they will bundle with lots of free gift (which is useless!, cheap and low quality mouse, headset, and notebook cleaner -_-") which I wont fall for that...

What actually caught my attention is this, one of the newly setup company call Hibikii using None-Genuine NICI Plush to do their road show. You can check the photo below.

Spotted the NICI Tutle? It is a pencil box

See the fat Lion?

How about this? Rainbow Alfo Tiger :D

Alfo Tiger!

p/s: Uhhh... I am waiting for my parcel from Germany.... a good surprise for me and you all :)


The Cup Day (Mug Day)  

I am so sorry that I didn't manage to update my blog lately, because I was too busy playing with my new iPhone :D.. Is there any iPhone App that allows me to update my blog?

As a NICI collectors, we don't just collect plush (soft toy). We also collect cups :), yes the cup we use to drink.. Sometimes, we have problem deciding what we should buy as a gift, or we don't know what our friends (or partner) wants. So now I found a solution :)

As you can see, a cup without words (or greetings) means nothing to a person.. but lets say, a cup with a nice picture design and greetings such as "Good Luck", "Happy Day", "Have a Nice Day", "Best Friends Forever"... and so on.. will bring up some mood or it will remind you of someone special.. (who gave you the gift).

So next time when the question "What Should I Buy For My Boy Friend / Girl Friend" pops out, think of a cup :). I believe a cup won't cost more than RM 50 (USD 15) right? So I think, we don't need to buy expensive gift, we save the money for better plans (like fine dining? special relaxing vacation? or ... Marriage Fund?).. Lets move on to my NICI Cups Collections..

"Sweet Break" Cup,

I didn't even know there is Green Jolly Mah before, as I know there is Baby Blue, Baby Pink, and Black face sheep.

"Happy Dancing" Cup

I love that there are so many Jolly on the cup... dancing, running, resting..

"Lovely Break" Cup

Ok, this time.. blue sheep with white sheep :3

"Desert Tour" Cup

This is one of the beautiful designed cup from Wild Animal Series, but there is one problem with this cup. The thickness of the cup is kind of thin, I am so worry that I will break it any time :(

"Yummy" Cup

Yummy.. My Breakfast Cup, imagine filling it with Hot Chocolate. Yummm! It really help boost up my mood to start a brand new day :D

"Jolly Wolf" Cup

Ah.. this is one of my Special Birthday Gifts from my old friend, she surprised me with this gift. funny thing is.. the first time we used it, it was filled with green tea.. (Special Thanks to Yvonne Kon)

"Friends Forever" Cup
* I love how they use the bra as their ... what do we call that? -_-"..
Ok, now this is new in NICI 1U. I think there is no need for further explanation for these gift cups right?

"Best Mum" Cup

Mothers' day is coming soon (9th May 2010), so here is a tip for anyone who don't know what to get for your mom this year.. :)

"Only You" Cup

I think this will be couple cup.. :)

"Good Luck" Cup
Finally :) Good Luck cup.. Specially for people who are still studying, in examination period, or any thing that needs extra luck! (I didn't know Jolly Love Mushroom too)

For International NICI Collectors, you can refer here NICI CuddlyKingdom Fancy Mug. They have a full range of Cup and Mug for sales.

As for Asian Collectors, I don't mind helping you to buy it and posting it over..

Oh ya, another thing.. Wish you all "A Nice and Happy Day" :D