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NICI Jolly Mah Rainbow  

Yesterday, I found this on eBay... :3 I think there is 2 colors, 1 is blue, another one this color

It really make my heart itchy want to own it. They place this item for auction, and there is another bider try to compete with me.

Well in the end I won the bid with GBP 11 + 3.95 posting fee. In total is GBP 14.95 equal to RM 80.80 . Consider this as my this year Birthday present.. :)


Raquel Collection - NICI Plush  

Lately received some photo from Raquel about her NICI plush collection. Ow, it's making me so envy that she got the Jolly Hugo Wolf.. :) Hers NICI plush generally size 15cm. 

Ow~ I envy this one :D

I hope any NICI collectors out there please send me some photo, I will happy to post them up here :D


Jolly Mah Travels to Egypt  

Thanks to Raquel from spain, she like to share this 2 photos with you all. She say she will send more photos to share with you all :)

I am so happy that she told me there will be a new series of Jolly Mah out in March 2009 soon.

They calling it Jolly Liselle, :). Check out the link provided by Raquel. Click Here

Well before this, I am still waiting my Jolly Wolf Hugu.. :(


NICI - 35cm Jolly Wolf in Action  

Ricky posted a comment and ask me,
"Hi I like Jolly wolf very much too but I still have not got hold of one yet!

So which size (15, 25, 35 cm) do you think has the highest quality?"

Well, let me answer that question.
15 cm - I think is too small, you can't hug it, but you can only display it on your table. Price wise not worth it.
25 cm - I can say, this size looks cute. You can see the picture below, all of them are 25cm.
35 cm - This one nice for hugging :D, nice for deco, and looks nice in figure..

Jolly Mah + Jolly Wolf = Friendship Forever

Please stay and enjoy the gallery. :)


Fake NICI - Jolly Mah Rosa  

I went to Mid Valley Mega Mall lately, this is what I found...

A fake Jolly Mah Rosa, oh my.. oh my.. I quickly take out my camera try to snap this photo, but the sales person trying to stop me for taking photo. Anyway how I already snap it, next I say sorry to the sales person and walk away.. 

So this is what you see :) poor quality China make NICI Jolly Mah Rosa (Brown)


Jolly Wolf - A walk in One Utama  

I am so happy to receive some comments from Raquel. I waited for few months, and yet not receive any comment.. I wish Raquel can send me some of her NICI collection photo so we can share it here :)

Few days back I visit One Utama NICI retail shop, and i found 4 Jolly Wolf available up for grab. Today (17 Feb) I went there again, and I found out only 2 left.. So happy that another 2 Jolly Wolf found his new owner :D


Jolly Mäh - The Grey (Soya + Cincao)  

This is what NICI Official website published Jolly Mah (Grey Color) looks like, well it doesn't look as fat as my Jolly Mah The Grey (50cm) below. :D

Well, comparatively I can say mine have few er... problem
1. Face not round enough, looks like have been squashed.
2. I think we are comparing 35 cm Vs 50 cm plush here, what I can say is 35cm plush quality is better. Next time I try to post up my 35cm vs 50cm and see in future post.
3. He is FAT~!

Happy Chinese New Year.. The 7th day :)