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Happy Chinese New Year 2009 From NICI Jolly Mah  

Happy Chinese New Year to you all :D May your wish come true 


You wan Orange or Apple? :D


LCCT Foods are Over Priced  

Firstly I like to say thank you to Jared Smith, he designed this logo for me. I love the Jolly Mah wording very much. Let me put it up on the blog and see how it goes :P

Ok, let's start the topic about LCCT food are over priced. Just take a look on this few photo, then I will explain to you why is it over priced.

LCCT Assorted Sandwich cost RM 10.00? For the living standard in Malaysia, who is going to pay that much of money just for that sandwich? Market price in KL sandwich is only selling at price range from RM 3.00 to RM 5.00. You even can get RM 2.50 or lower if you are lucky. RM 10.00, ha.. Well I think it is reasonable for cafe pricing, but the place selling this sandwich doesn't look like a real cafe at all. Just a few table with a few chair you call your self a cafe?

Omelette selling at RM 12.00 at LCCT. Well Mamak stall only selling you at RM 4.00 in KL, back to hometown they selling RM 2.00 - RM 2.50. Ohh myy..

Fried Rice and Nasi Lemak selling RM 11.50 at LCCT. I will not pay RM 11.50 just for a very small potion of food like you can finishing it within 5 spoon. Outside KL you can get RM 4.50 - RM 5.00 for your fried rice at Mamak or food court stalls, and the potion are bigger than this for sure.

Lastly, all the food there are not fresh!! You need to purchase it and reheat at the counter appond request. Why I say it is not fresh? 

Reason: Not much people will going to buy for sure, except you are very hungry and you need food. I expect the left over will be display again the next day. The foods are display long hours, from morning to night.

With RM 10.00 - RM 12.00 I rather spend tat money to eat McDonald Value Meal (Even the price is expansiver than KL RM 2.00) located at LCCT (before check in)


My Blog Logo  

Below logo is taken from 
I think is time that to create some logo for my blog as well. So I took the logo above and do some photoshop on it.. then "wahhh laa~"

This is what I done..

Well I still think there is few problems there.
1. The Blog address is too long
2. Font totally out...
3. Not creative at all..

I wish I can get some suggestion from you all :D.


Cute Girl with Jolly Mah (Jolly Mäh)  

Enjoy the video clip of a cute girl playing with Jolly Mah (Jolly Mäh)... See how cute they are :3


Jolly Wolf, Jolly Wolf, Jolly Wolf  

Finally!! Jolly Wolf arrived at Malaysia.... :D
9 Jan 2009 (Friday), I having meeting with my boss at Mid Valley Mega Mall. After I done with the meeting, I drop by Designer Greeting outlet shop to see is there any new NICI product.

Before reaching the shop, I saw there are some changes of the decoration outside shop. Currently the new NICI Product is Monkey in Love, I don't really like the design of the monkey. The color is too dark and it looks funny.. well compare to Candy Love series, the quality is much better. Well the putting few monkey around and try to promote it.

After I entering the shop, I suddenly found something special caught my eye... then I take a clear look, oh my.. oh my.. Is Jolly Wolf!!

There is only 2 x 35cm Jolly Wolf available in that shop, each of them cost RM 79.90. I quickly took both of them and place at the casher counter. After that I found there is 3 more 10-15cm Jolly Wolf sellingat price RM 29.90...

Well, this month will be Chinese New Year. I have to save some money to buy new year stuff back to hometown. So I need to be careful with my spending now..

I am still waiting for the Jolly Wolf Hugo :D


Funny n Stupid Car Advertisement  

I think you guys should know what is ABS and EBD stand for right? Please refer to below link if anyone not really know what it does it mean. 

Well few days back, I found this car advertisement on Chinese newspaper. When I glance thru the advertisement, I found something is not right. Then I look carefully with the explanation diagram below I found out that a car with ABS + EBD will slip out from the track when it drive thru water, snow or any terrain. And the car without ABS + EBD stay on track...

This is not photoshoped, see below for the bigger picture of it :P

Well, now u know what car you should not buy :D 


Fake, Non-Genuine NICI Products  

Pass few months ago, I went to Melacca (Melaka) with my girl friend for 1 day trip. I found out that there is 1 shop located at Pakalawan Mall selling non-genuine NICI Products. 

Initially I thought the price of the plush will be cheaper compare to Original NICI plush, when I check out the price I found out that their price just slightly cheaper than Original NICI plush. It is like 30%-40% off the Original price.

Next thing i found out from the non-geniune products is, their quality is not there. as you can see from the photo, there are some Jolly Mah face went wrong, some long, some too width, even some wrongly manufactured. The best amang there is Jolly Wolf, but sadly the material is bad and they going to sell it at price RM 49.90. 

When I am taking the picture of those photo, they sales person ask what am I doing. I just tell her that I am NICI plush collector, I just took the photo for my own references. Well she is trying to stop me from taking further more picture, so I just walk away after I done few shot of those picture.

Lastly, I do hope that we should support Original Product. No matter is NICI Plush, IT Software, and so on..  well provided that they giving reasonable price :)


Is this how you park your car?  

Is this how you park your car by crossing the parking lot line? I wonder how they pass their driving exam. lol.

It doesn't seems anything will goes wrong here, but if the driver where to be a little bit careless when they reverse out their car. Your car might be scratched by his bumper. 

Well just pray that driver is smart enough not to bang into ppl cars.


Jolly Mäh get Tidy Up & Happy New Year 2009  

Well today, I just tidied up my rack for my Jolly Mäh collection. They been kept inside the plastic bag for so long, so pity them.. n ow is time to let them run wild :D

50CM Jolly Mäh family line up at the last row :)

35 CM Jolly Mäh family line up at the second row :D

Camera ready, say cheeseeeee~

Other NICI Family joining in now

Happy New Year 2009 to all of you :D, and all the best