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NICI - How Much Does a Hamster Carrot Cost?  

How much does a NICI Hamster Carrot Cost? :) What I can tell you is a NICI Hamster Carrot Cost RM 79.90, and it is equivalent to buying 20 kg of Carrot from fresh Market.. (assume RM 4.00 per KG).

I find this NICI Carrot hard to find, I consider this as an rare NICI collection :)


NICI - Quick Draw Jolly Mah  

Hahaha.. I done a quick draw on Jolly Mah by using Microsoft Paint.. I am not good in drawing using mouse, I hope this ugly drawing picture bring you a smile of the day..


NICI - Goleo  

Today, I went to IOI Mall Puchong for my dinner... After my dinner, I went to Jasco to buy some grocery stuff, and suddenly something caught my attention. This product is under "Best Buy" category, they seriously mark down the price..

I only manage to buy 2 of the good in condition NICI 2006 products (FIFA 2006), well I know it is a very sad history for NICI in 2006. And I am not going to go thru that part of story..

I am impressed by the handmade art work done by NICI.. look at the product below, isn't it beautiful?

Let's not forget about this.. :) Photo Clipper, I know the lion doesn't looks cute as what we have in wild animal series. But look at the quality of the material they use, and workmanship in it.. :)


NICI Jolly Lovely - Bad QC  

Good News! I finally found NICI Jolly Bob and Jolly Lovely in Malaysia, but sad news is.. The QC (Quality) of it is kind of bad :( I snapped few photo to explain.
Mouth Line: The mouth line suppose to be in "Y" shape, but it turn out to be funny "Y" shape. So please be careful of the mouth line here.

Mouth Line 2: Please compare the both top and bottom picture, you will see the top mouth line are slightly goes up (out of the mouth line track...) It is too obvious isn't it?

P/S: Come on NICI, you can make it better right? Please make sure of the QC department do their job properly..? Please make the QC Check Tag Mean some purpose there..

Cuddly Kindom - NICI Jolly Lovely and Jolly Bob