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NICI - Wild Life - Gwen the Giraffe  

When you go to National Zoo, you won't miss out this remarkable wild life animal :) that photo was taken at June 2008 a day trip to National Zoo in Malaysia. It is rather disappointed some how, there are not much of wild animals inside the Zoo..

Ok now we have the New NICI Giraffe, (I call it Version 2.0, lol) Compare to photo below :). It released by NICI together with Gorilla..
We will notice the texture is slightly different from the previous version, (I think they finally try to wipe out the China non-genuine products).
Take a look horn, it is diffrent from the previous version. I think it is time for our small giraffe grow up to be adult giraffe :D
Nice Hair :), and please take note at the skin pattern. do you notice all the brown pattern are join with the another half. So this is a tips for all the NICI collector out there, please try your best to find the best fitting skin pattern..

I finally found a few nice posting for Giraffe, I quickly take a few snap :)
(Giraffe - Missing someone)

Gwen: - "What you waiting for? Go look for me :)"

You can purchase from NICI - Cuddly Kingdom or NICI Online Offial Website

Malaysian buyer :) well.. now NICI One Utama have the stock. (27 Feb 2010)


NICI 20th Anniversary - Eagle - Part IV  

I am going to show you, the last part of NICI 20th Anniversary. We present to you, the baby eagle :). His name is Eagle Sam.. (em.. It make me think of uncle Sam... )

The design of it, looks very similar to the Duck.. so don't get them both confuse :)

The back of the box.
The ribbon is in Black Background and Gold Wording.. looks cool right?
Ho.. It looks fierce to me by comparing the box picture and current one. (Another Mad Scientist.. this look more evil this time. )

Eagle Sam Birth Certificate..

Take note on this... Trademark of NICI 20th Anniversary. You must have golden tag and golden logo plastic (cotton) stamp at the bottom of the leg.


NICI 20th Anniversary - Duck - Part III  

Today, let meet the 20th Anniversary NICI Duck, her name is Paula. Finally I reach part 3 now..

This is the box of 25cm Duck Paula, black and stylish in design. The color combination are just perfect for her personality, (Black, Gold, and style :D)
At the back of the box, this is what you will see... a walking away Paula~.
20th Anniversary Golden Ribbon
Here we see a cute Paula, it looks like a new born baby duck :) cute and innocent.
A closer looks (em... it look like a Mad Scientist to me now)

(ohh.. I get it now.. It looks like Albert Einstein!!!)

Birth Certificate of Paula... Come take a closer look..

This is a very important to all NICI fan out there, for original NICI product you actually can find some original products signatures. For example this 20th anniversary collection, you must have ...

1. Golden Tag, with special Golden Crown.
2. A NICI cotton logo marked at the bottom of the leg. (same of them is in plastic logo)
3. 20th Anniversary Certificate (I found out the non-genuine version, they don't have the Certificate Tag)


Fake Minily Detected!!  

Today I found out that SnJ Gift Shop is selling Fake Minily. Sorry for the poor quality photo, I am using my phone camera to take the photo... (The shop not allow any camera to be entered :( ).
They rebrand it to.. "Gambatte", but from the photo you can tell it is the Croc from NICI Minily..

NICI Farm Friend (Cow) and NICI Classic Turtle also sold here. Now you notice their Tag has been rebranded to "Gambatte", I think this is how they run away from getting sue by NICI.

Polar Bear at the left corner!

I don't understand how can this happen? Why there are such kind of fake product flood into the market? Why? Anyone can answer me?