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Jolly Mah Liselle Wallpaper  

New series of Jolly Mah released by, well I hope within next few months it will turn up in Malaysia NICI Stores. :) Pray hard for it..

Image below is Wallpaper from (Resolution: 1680 x 1200), click on it and download :)


NICI Rack Label  

Last week before I went back to my home town, I go to NICI retail shop at One Utama to hunt for Jolly Wolf Hugo or any new arrival.

Well sadly I can't find Easter Rabbit or Jolly Wolf Hugo yet.. I think I still have to wait another month.

I done some chit chat with the shop-keeper and ask can I have any of those NICI Label sticker or not (same as those they post on the rack one). Well guess what, I am so lucky that they have extra and willing to give away for me. :D

NICI AG is trying hard to promote their products as German Brand, the reason I can guess of is because there is alot of people think NICI Product is from China. 

Why we think that NICI is from China? 
Reason 1: Label says Made in China 
Reason 2: China & Taiwan is flooeded with none-genuine NICI Products. 
Reason 3: I think NICI AG didn't do well in advertising in ASIA-Pasific, I don't even know what happen to NICI AG lately.

This (Jolly Mah) still is my favorite :D

Have a nice day to you all :)


NICI Jolly Mah Pink On Sales at CuddlyKingdom  

Hi all, you guys and guys gotta be fast now, according to CuddlyKingdom they are selling Pink Jolly Mah 20 cm lying.. who wish to collect better buy it now.

Good luck :D


Postage From UK to Malaysia  

well, let's draw the time line for delivering a good from UK to Malaysia how long it will takes. :)

This is the notification note send by POS Malaysia for asking you goto Post Office to collect your package.
The date is stated 10 March which mean when they process this notification. Package collectable date is dated from 11 March to 26 March (2 weeks of time to collect the package, if you don't collect the package they will send it back to sender)

This is what I collect from Post Office.

At here, we can clearly see that the package is sent out form UK on 2nd March.

The package released by Malaysia Kastam on 5 March, so it actually mean it might reach Malaysia before 5 march.

Well recall from when I receive my notification, it is dated 11 March. It took at least 6 days from Malaysia Kastam to POS Malaysia. I wonder why they have to take so long time to deliver to POS Malaysia.

This is UK Postage Box (Macfarlane Packageing) box measurement looks like


Jolly Mah Pink is HERE!!!  

On 13 March, I received this notification. Asking me to collect a package from POS Malaysia Office. Well it is expected to arrive soon :D... but sadly, he can't make it on my birthday (12 March) :(

So on the next morning (14 March) I drove to the post office and collect it and this is what i received.

Taa~ Daa~~..

Hi everyone, I am pink Jolly Mah. I am sooo tired travel from UK to here for 12 days. Nice to meet you all :)


Happy Easter Rabbit  

They call this Easter Collection

Report from Moodie Report
"From February 2009, Nici will be presenting its first ever Easter collection. Besides plush bunnies, the collection also offers practical and fancy egg warmers, holders, cups, bags and cushions. As a marketing tool, the bunnies are also available as a present in funny cuddly eggs. "

The brown one looks like The Were Rabbit from Wallace & Gomit: The Curse of Were Rabbit

But so far I haven't seen any of it at Malaysia yet.. :( I am going to get them both 35cm


Jolly Mah Hunting Day (7 March)  

As promise before, a Nici Jolly Mah Java games shared by Raquel. Here is the link

Jolly Mah Java Mobile Games

Well, this is Monkey Love Series for valentine days. Well few thing I like to comment about this monkey, 

1. The monkey is make from high quality material for sure, compare to RUSS product Gogila Love I still prefer NICI Monkey Love.

2. Very creative that they put magnet on both of their hand, so their hand can stick on each other or stick on the metal cupboard :D.

3. More cute and cartoon like than RUSS (RUSS Soft Toy slogon is "Russ Make People Happy", but I think all their soft toys looks like making people more sad. haha..)

4. Very cute and creative Photo Clipper Design, even the price is abit over price but still worth for getting it. I like the one both hugging each others look very lovely and warm. 

Ha.. Well that is very trueful confession of a shopaholic.. my confession will be

A New Job?
May Be...

A New Girl?

A New Nici Jolly Mah?

This looks like Shaun The Sheep, I love Shaun The sheep as well specially their clay animation looks very cute and funny.

It only Cost RM 16.90, and pirated made in china... which I won't buy it :D


Colourful Sheep  

As monsterloi says "there are 1 pink, 1 light blue, another one is white but the face is brown, and another with black face".
Well ya, as I found out that there are 4 types of them. 1 pink jolly mah down, 3 more to go :D. Hope anyone know where to buy it, please do let me know how to get the rest of them.

Another thing, thanks to Raquel for the mobile game. Hehe.. cute & lovely, I will going to put it up after i upload it to my file server :)

Thanks for Jared Smith tips, last time i do remember is doing discount on their product online. They do sell colourful ship that time, but that time I never think of buying online until now.. :P 

Secondly, I heard there are some bad news about NICI company in pass few years... :(

I hope my pinky sheep will be arrive before my birthday :)