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Is.. Salad Time :D  

Yum.. Today I making Salad (I dunno what kind of salad is this.. I just put everything together.. + Blue Cheese + French Sour Source...then Wala~). looks very appetizing rite?

This is Tortilla Bread (Garlic Favor) sandwich with Orange Cheddar Cheese, :)

Now is our Master Chef Jolly Ben give a first bite of the salad

Next time should let Jolly Jomo try, he is the chubby one..


Jolly Sheep Receive Her Parcel :)  

Today, 11 am I receive an email from Jolly Sheep claim that she received the parcel :).. I am glad that the parcel didn't get lost, and delivered on-time.

She wrote:

They've just arrived! :)
Haha and I let 15cm Jack Husky meet 15cm Timothy the Hamster...oh boy, he was really stuffed and chubby :)

I'm on cloud nine now :) Thanks!"

It is happy to hear that from you.. :)

JollySheep: "Everyone queue up nicely, I am going to snap a photo..."

Everybody: "Ok~ :)"

Special delivery service box (extra effort from me :P)

Ow, well sorry for I can't find 15 CM Jill for Jack, so.. at the moment let the Hamster be Jack partner... lol :D


My First Order From Singapore  

On 10 March 2010, I received an email from Singapore requesting me to help her buy 20th Anniversary (4 of them) from Malaysia and a 25cm Hamster :).

This is my first time sending postage parcel to Singapore, well I am under estimated the posting cost.. Initially I budget it should be below 1kg but it turn out 1.2Kg.. lol. I use Pos Laju service to deliver it, so the cost of it is something like this.

500g -> 1KG = RM 45.00
1KG - 1.5KG = RM 60.00

Normal Package Mail will be much cheaper (around RM 24.90++ for below 1KG).

Since this is my first time doing this doing this business and I didn't do well in the cost estimation.... consider myself helping a nici fan a favor :).

p/s: Another thing, I don't earn any cent from buying the plush too..~ hehe.. And hope she will reply this post after she receive her parcel..

Another thing... I need to improve my English and pick up some German Language too..


Where and How You Spot Fake NICI  

I am going to share with you all where and how to spot Fake NICI in Malaysia :)

First Place -> Pasar Malam (Night Market)

Try to Spot as much Fake NICI Product as you can :)

As you can see it is only RM 10-RM 15 (USD 3-4) each for a NICI Design tissue box.


NICI Lion Found in The Fourth Kind (2009)  

Last Night I watch the movie The Fourth Kind.. I am not gonna be movie spoiler here, so let cut the story short.

Well I found NICI Lion in the movie "The Fourth Kind"

Do you see it? :D