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DYNA Owe me RM 3,000  

Do you believe this is me?

DYNA Technology Sdn. Bhd. still owe me RM 3,000 for developing software for them. We agree that they going to pay me RM 6,000 to develop a system for them for their LOST City Project at Summit. I still waiting them to pay me the remind of the money.

The Director of the company Brian Loo is refuse to pick up my call, and never reply my SMS or Voice Message..

Anyone can help me on this?

What I have in hand is a 50% paid receipt, no agreement. >_<


Jolly Mah Rosa is here  

Finally Jolly Mah Rosa is here :)

Saturday night, went to One Utama to pick it up... Still got a lot for grab anyway :P. I get the 50CM one, cost RM 129.90 discounted 15% is RM 103.92. I should call it her now :P
Just open it on Sunday night, took the photo and upload to the blog. There is additional flower on the head, and 2 pocket front of her tummy. You can actually stuck both of her hand into the pocket, looks cute too :). Looks like she is waiting for someone
The sad part will be, I still waiting for my Jolly Wolf >_<.