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Jolly Mah Spotted in Metro Jaya and Genting, and complaint  

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First of all, I wish all Muslims Selamat Hari Raya. Is their Holiday now :)

Ok now back to Jolly Mah Travels and Livings. ROFLOL.. :D

Few days before I going back to my hometown, I went to The Curve, Damansara. A place where food lover likes to go, "The Street" is the place for food hunting. After my lunch I go for my shopping, and I spotted Jolly Mah at Metro Jaya, The Curve (Toy Section). :D

I don't really like the NICI Cow, the design of it is totally out of fashion...
The Cow Design

Design : 2/10
Material : 2/10
Cuteness : 1/10 :(

I suspect it been produce by some Hong Kong / China / Malaysia NICI Distributor for Chinese New Year 2009 (It is Cow year for 2009 in Chinese Horoscope). This particular products design are rush into market like a month before 2009 Chinese new year..

For my own personal opinion, I says NICI Asia distributor didn't do their marketing well. For an outsider view, they didn't do much on advertising on NICI products. I hardly find there is a guide online where to buy NICI Products, or how to buy online as well. (I don't mind start up a company to supply ASIA market demand on NICI Products, provided I get supports some fans and my own money :D).

What I can see in Asia is.. NICI Asia Distributor can't stop those Non-Genuine NICI Product "Flood" into market. Mainly those non-genuine NICI Products are came from China. For example this online trade website (The language is in Chinese), in there you can find tons of non-genuine NICI Products selling online. Oh and yes, they claim all their NICI Products are ORIGINAL, but wait?!? Are you sure? I personally investigated few of the selling products, what I can say is .. there are 99% are FAKE (Non-Genuine). So before you want to purchase any thing from this China website think twice or many many times~! before you buying it.

I wish, I wish... NICI Asia can do something to stop all those non-genuine NICI Products Flood into the market..

I wish, I wish... NICI Asia can atleast promote their Genuine NICI Products on public....

I wish, I wish... NICI Asia can atleast IMPROVE their Products QC (Quality Check)...

Damn I forget to bang on their Quality Check issue, you all can refer back to Jolly Mah Liselle + How to Choose one. I mention about how bad the QC nowadays on NICI products, I mention about how to pick the "better" quality on workmanship on Jolly Mah Liselle..

The Pink Jolly Mah goes Genting, Malaysia. The photo taken in Skyway (From half mountain toward Genting). This time I bring Pink Jolly Mah, seem like he is everyone favorate. So he will be shoot more often by camera now... haha.. enjoy... and Happy Holiday.


Another NICI Online Store (All Things Gift)  

Yeah~! Good news for International buyer :) I found another NICI Product selling website. The shop is base at UK. :) Currently they having a promotion on free delivery service when spend above GBP 75. But I am not sure is it applicate for UK delivery only? or International delivery. This part please help me to find out :).

I kind of love their website design, the website is light purple (violet) design. It make me feel more relaxing when browsing their catalogs.

All Things Gifts
All Things Gifts Blogs


NICI Classic (LOTHAR)  

I won 2 items from eBay last few days ago, 20cm and 30cm of this NICI Classic Jolly Mah. I wonder why the seller call it, "Lothar"?

I paid for it GBP12.48 (around RM 75.00) on eBay and I have to wait for another 7-10 days for the items to reach my hand :)

And another surprise is Publish my uploaded NICI Collection photo on (Nici Fans Section) :D

Well I wish that I can create a web application that allow online users to upload their NICI Collection photo on my blog :)


Jolly Mah gets Bath  

Today, I get my Rare Jolly Mah a bath. He seem very happy about it :D. ha.

I am using washing Machine to wash it, well for sure you need the washing net to protect it, in case of the string get hook by something then spoil the toy.

No Hot water washing, if you using cold water please dry it up as soon as you can.


RARE NICI Jolly Mah, Really?  

As I promised, this is the so call rare Jolly Mah in UK. I wonder anyone of you seeing this before? The Plush Tag are special I can see :)

Special Tag, it is different from other NICI Tag
The size of it is around 15cm-16 cm x 12cm - 13cm like tat :)