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Jolly Mah Sizes 25cm, 35cm, 50cm, ?cm  

Today we are going to compare the plush sizes between 25cm, 35cm and 50cm. Hope that will help bookiebear get his answer.

My personal opinions are 35cm is the best to keep, and 50cm best for hugging. 25cm and below best for traveling use :P

Giant 120cm (I guess) vs 25cm

Oh ya, the 35cm Jolly Mah last time i bought cost RM 69.90 (around 20.00 USD)


Jolly Mah Found!! in Maxis Advertisement  

Wow.. I found Jolly Mah appear in Maxis Advertisement (Malaysia). Come take a look at the video, Jolly Mah appear from 0:27 until 0:32 . 5 Sec only Jolly Mah appear on screen, look carefully :P


Raquel Jolly Mah Liselle Collection  

Finally got time to post up Raquel latest collection :D.. Jolly Mah Liselle. I am so envy about it >_<

Wolf and Sheep in a big family :) + Big Pink Limited Edition Sheep :P


Jolly Wolf Hugo Tasse XXL & Jolly Mah Rosa Tasse XXL  

Finally I get my XXL Mug Cup :P, well I am not going to use it anyway.. I just bought it for collection. Each of them cost RM 54.90, kind of expansive :( for a mug

Jolly Mah Rosa Big Mug

a sweet Jolly Mah Rosa smile in the morning

Around the cup there is a series of Jolly Mah dancing picture :)

Jolly Wolf Hugo Big Mug

I am not sure what does it written there, but my guess is "Jolly Sweet Drink" ?

Ow.. they looks like cute couple there >_<


Special For bookiebear: Jolly Mah Grey  

I went to One Utama this evening and check out the Grey sheep for bookiebear. This is what I found out :) 50cm Jolly Mah.. Grey in colours.

Don't worry tomorrow we going to take a look on the super big mug :D


Jolly Wolf Hugo  

Buu~!! Jolly Wolf Hugo is here :D, I find out that Jolly Wolf Hugo seem like fatter than Jolly Wolf (White)

Jolly Wolf Hugo wish you all can support Original NICI products :3

on Monday evening, I received a call from Ms Wong (From Designer Greeting) says that Jolly Wolf Hugo is here. (well my policy is which NICI retail shop contacted me first, I will be their customer.)

Those cups and super sized mug looks very beautiful and cute. I am targeting that 2 big mug, if my financial status allow I will go grab both of them :D. It cost around RM 54.90 each, well it is kind of expansive but for keeping as collection is not a bad choice :)


Fake NICI Product Part II  

Last few day ago I am surfing eBay for anybody selling NICI products.. I come across with this sell page, the title is "75cm Nici Jolly Mäh - Schaf "Jolly Rosa" mit Blume".

As NICI plush collector we should know few thing in mind,

1. Know your plush size range. Normally NICI plush come out with size like 15cm, 25cm, 35cm and 50cm. Sometime they will have other range of sizes.

2. Check on Jolly mah "mouth line" and "hand / finger line"

For the example link above (refer address: click here)

70cm Jolly Mah Rosa for sales as stated on the title, as i recall I never see over 50 cm of Jolly Mah Rosa before. Even in the Nici online catalog shop they didn't show they have 70cm Jolly Mah Rosa.

From the picture, item possible from China, click on the image to see the explanation.

Another proof that item mostly from China

Well~, what you know? Seller stated from Canada, but item suspected in China. I can see few benefit that this seller looking into.

1. Earn extra money from posting cost, they target Asian buyer and force them to come out with higher postage cost (logically to be send from Canada to my country example). But eventually they can send the item from China instance from Canada. So imagine cost of sending item from Canada is GB22.75 compare to sending item from China to Asian country (believe to be cheaper). Hope you all see the difference here.

2. Giving people Fake impression of Original Product from Nici.
There will be a part III in next few days :)


Fake NICI Product Part I  

Today let see what are those fake NICI plush, this is what my friend gave me last year.. It look kind of funny, it is a sheep under the wolf skin. :D

Since we have Wolf under the Sheep skin, then now they have Sheep under the Wolf skin.

Quality of this plush is kind of bad, it is not soft, the face shape is kind of weird, nose line are totally out, and the material they use are poor.

Please take a look on their mouth line. As you can see, it is not form in a straight line. The line gab are too much.

(Above Picture provided by Angel)

Above is another example how fake Jolly Mah looks like, the nose and mouth line are poorly created compare to below picture (original Nici Plush). 

So see the diffrent yet? :)

You can found those fake Jolly Mah selling at S&J Gift (gift shop), they are selling it online as well.. Check out their product link here..

So now do you see the big different between Original and Fake Nici plush? :) Please send in your comment as many as you can.. I am ready to answer them.

Before I post this post, there is another thing I like to highlight for you all. We knew that Jolly Wolf only available on size 15cm, 25cm and 35 cm right? In the China and Hong Kong market they claim to have larger size.. 50cm, 60cm, 70cm and even 120cm.. just beware of them.. those may not be Original from Nici.

Do you see big Jolly Wolf here? :P


BDSM Bear  

:D.. hahaha.. This is kind of out of topic. Today I look thru some of my old photo folder, then I found this..

This is my girl friend favorite bear, this bear is like a substitute partner. She talk to 'him', cry to 'him', hug 'him' to sleep, etc.. I wonder does she throw or punch the bear as well when she angry? 0_o

One day I found a rope with me, then I do a (rope bondage) on the bear. (Bear Bear I am sorry... =_=), well seem like not bad... 

oh well, don't think about something naughty ya..~ :)

Ok next topic I will show you all how to recognize Original NICI Product.


Raquel - Pink Jolly Mah Collection  

Today we going to see Raquel fine collection of NICI Plush :P

I see NICI Edward Horse, which Malaysia Nici didn't import it :(

Big Family :D

Below are the latest collection from Raquel, presenting the Pink Jolly Mah :3

Pink JM: Can you take me to the death star?
SW Tropper: =_=", ... well, our death star been blow up some rebels.
Pink JM: o_0

well this is cute,

Pink JM: buu~! surprise..

my favorite Jolly Wolf and Jolly Wolf Hugu.... sadly, here we don't have Jolly Wolf Hugo, and Jolly Mah LiSelle yet. Even Singapore CNS already have the stock on 1st April.

Kind of disappointed that over Malaysia always late other people for 3 months and above..

Well, next topic I am going to show is how to differentiate Original & Fake NICI Plush :) (Thanks Peter)

Thanks for your all comments, keep them coming please :D


Jolly Mah The Blue  

As promised last few days, I post up the Jolly Mah Blue I brought from eBay last month. I just received the item on 2 Apirl, and they just pack in the bag shown at below. It cost GB 3.40 + GB 7.00 (Posting).

This is how he looks :) Colour wise, I still prefer the pink colours one.. 

Well I don't understand what is in the tag, but I can guess is their NICI contact office near Israel. This is something new to me, never seen this tag before..

Now Jolly Mah white (20cm) has a new friend Jolly Mah blue (20cm) :D

The Jolly Mah (20cm) is my first Jolly Mah + my birthday present (2003). My friend got it from 1 of the Melaka Mall (Mahkota Perade).