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NICI 20th Anniversary - Frog - Part II  

Today we shall continue our unfinished topic, NICI 20th Anniversary. At this part 2, I am going to pick Mr Frog (Otto), let him introduce himself..

This is the complete series of NICI 20th Anniversary box-set overview (25cm come with Box and nice ribbon tide at the box.)

Front view of the box, very fine scratch art of Mr. Frog (Otto). It is cute and with an unique pattern design.

The back of the box stamped with golden frog :), it is a very fine box design specially for NICI Collectors, you won't be regret after you getting one of it.

Here is the Unique Ribbon design from 20th Anniversary for Mr. Frog (Otto).

Mr Frog (Otto) is holding his birth certificate, you can read the rest of the bio detail of Mr. Frog below. The only thing miss out here is Unique Serial No to identify on each of the birth certificate, then each of them will be unique for all the NICI collectors around the world :).

This time I get to have plastic NICI logo at the bottom of the leg. The cotton type NICI logo I think is for first early batch version, and this plastic NICI Logo is for the continues batch version

Oh ya, don't forget about Special Golden Tag. That is the signature of NICI 20th Anniversary Tag.

One more thing specially with Mr. Frog, :) he got the longest leg compare to all 3 of other 20th Anniversary friends... hehe.

Cuddly Kingdom - Classic NICI

p/s: emm.. Why I feel Mr. Frog looks like University Professor now? Or even a Lawyer looks?


NICI Koala Joey - Press Release  

New member from NICI Wild Life Series :), Koala Bear Joey will be available in the store now.. :)

The fur looks very smooth, just like Gorilla :D.. I can't wait to have 1 of it. >_<

NICI Official Online Shop - Click Here

Coming soon for Cuddly Kingdom :)

Press Information:
Directly from Australia -
Koala Joey conquers his new territory! NICI's Wild Friends have landed in an Australian eucalyptus forest and have discovered a new family member – the cute little Koala Joey who makes absolutely everybody go into raptures! Altenkunstadt, 15th December 2009. Childlike characteristics, soft fur, funny character – hardly any other animal is as fascinating as the koala. This is no news to the NICI GmbH and therefore little darling Koala Joey now complements the new Wild Friends assortment. The cute little rascal, who is always a bit of a joker, plays himself into the hearts of all koala fans and those to be. Apropos of nothing, this plushy soft koala by NICI - which is available in five different sizes (from 15 cm to 80 cm) – adds a touch of Australian flair to his new home. Whether as a clip animal, BeanBag with keyring or as a cuddly magnetic koala, Joey is always in on it. The special feel of his fur and the well-matched colour shades of the different products belonging to the new assortment make Koala Joey the perfect companion for all ages and sexes. The premium workmanship and the elaborate design of all NICI products also convey a sense of reassurement of having given oneself and others something that keeps its promise. Koala Joey is available everywhere, where NICI is at home.

A collection that leaves nothing to be desired

The wide spectrum of products displaying little Koala Joey ranges from cuddly cushions in two sizes and designs to fashionable, trendy shoulder bags, convenient purses – available also as neck pouches and finally to funny spectacle cases or soft mobile phone pouches. An extraordinary plush money box, various school accessories, mugs and a cute photo holder round off this new collection. With Koala Joey, those dreading the long flight can bring home Australia in no time at all now.


Here is the link to the press release document (.pdf), click here


Is It Real? or Fake? Part I (Snow Cat)  

Quote from Chat Box: "

nicilover: cos apparently those items are limited editions and is no longer around.
nicilover: hi, i saw a website that sells nici ski bears and the candy love hippo, do you know how to see if they are genuine?"
Today we going to solve some mystery, a mystery about real or fake... :)

My reply to nicilover, The NICI Ski Bears I never seen before. May be it is custom product requested by other company. You can refer to here, under "You Own Collection", or "Customer Make Product". Candy Love Hippo are pass few years ago valentine collection if not mistaken.

Ok let talk about is it real or fake?

Watch out this, you can see that the leg is kind of funny. The workmanship on sewing the leg part are poor.

Well, over here you see funny face which i circled with blue ink pen. Check carefully with the sewing part (face potion), you can see it some how out of line.

My conclusion on above picture, they both are not genuine NICI plush.

This is another real sample of Fake Hippo selling at some gift shop (They event have purple Hippo!)

Now the Snow Cat turn
Do you notice the Orange Tag? That Orange NICI Tag is actually Sample Product (Note: they do write a note there, "Do Not Sell" "Sample Product"). I saw it once before. I Hope NICI Official can help me clarify this :)

This is the actual Product NICI Tag, it is white in color.

My Conclusion on the NICI Show Cat is, the seller may be using the sample product given by NICI China Factory. And the product above are sample product.

Overall, I don't trust website is selling true genuine products. (at least 99% are non-genuine, except the 1% are sample... :D).

Anyway I still recommend buying from NICI Official outlet, or Cuddly Kingdom. The price will not be as cheap as you see it from the china website, but..! You can judge the quality by your own eye, and feel the touch of it.. :)

p/s: Malaysia NICI, hei! when are you going to bring all the latest NICI series to Malaysia? Singapore already have Gorilla, Racoon, Koala Bear, and .... some more! Why you Malaysia NICI are so slow in updating your own product?


NICI Lovely Mouse For Valentine Days  

Valentine is near, 14th Feb.. Another month to go :) I am sure everyone know about NICI Lovely Mouse, their design are base on Rock Star baby with an add-on Pocket fill with heart and different colors.

I personally like the Brown Color one :)

For International buyer, you all can buy it from Cuddly Kingdom :)

Below are the actual NICI Lovely Mouse sold at Mid Valley Mega Mall, Designer Greeting..

p/s: Damn, I hate NICI Malaysia. They haven't bring in my Gorilla, Raccoon and many more series :(


News From NICI Autumn/Winter 2009  

Yesterday, I went to NICI Official website and I find out that they have a last year catalog for public to download :).

There is a lot of nice photo inside and they tell some secret story about NICI.. overall I can say, they done a good job on design this catalog.

You may download the catalog from here (English Version)


NICI Pricing in Malaysia  

Happy New Year to all of you :).

It has been so long I didn't manage to sit down and update my blog. Today is Sunday, finally got chance to take a break from work, and sit down in Starbuck, drinking espresso (yak~!).

Last few week, I receive an email enquiry about how much does NICI plush cost. Well today I am going to provide the pricing in Malaysia.

*Note: All this pricing are retail shop pricing..

NICI Sheep - Rosa and on, the older collection will be slightly cheaper.
(Classic Product, white, black, brown, grey)
15 CM = RM 36.90
25CM = RM 49.90
35CM = RM 69.90
50CM = RM 109.90

(New Product)
15 CM = RM 39.90
25CM = RM 63.90
35CM = RM 89.90
50CM = RM 136.90

NICI Wolf - Hugo
15 CM = RM 39.90
25CM = RM 62.90
35CM = RM 89.90
50CM = RM 136.90

NICI Show Cat
15 CM = RM 36.90
20CM = RM 56.90
25CM = RM 66.90
30CM = RM 82.90
35CM = RM 96.90
50CM = RM 134.90

NICI Dog, Pug
15 CM = RM 36.90
25CM = RM 49.90
35CM = RM 69.90
50CM = RM 109.90

For International buyer you all can refer to Cuddly Kingdom :)