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Question: Where to buy NICI Product?  

To answer an Anonymous question :) Where can he/she buy NICI products, well let me show you where I bought from.

For international buyer (Specially Euro) I suggest you all can buy NICI Products from this website They offer cheaper delivery fees compare to purchase from NICI Official Website. I hope you all can get some discount from Cuddly Kingdom, you may try to mention you been referred by this blog.

Refer to this post, hope Richard can give you all some discounts :)

Ah.. Don't forget about eBay too. But, you just have to aware those non-genuine NICI products.

As for buyer from Malaysia, they can visit the store below :) The address as below

2nd Floor, 1 Utama Shopping Complex (Old Wing),
No. 1, Lebuh Bandar Utama,
Bandar Utama Damansara,
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Contact Infomation: 03-7726 5496
Official Website Link

p/s: Just won another NICI bid ebay online few days back, now waiting to receive the parcel. :D

oh ya.. Additionally you can refer to this link, those are the outlet in Malaysia selling NICI products :)


Jolly Mah Gets Migrated  

Last few day ago, I went to NICI outlet in One Utama. This is a snap shot on how they arrange their Jolly Mah on the rack. Nice and Tidy :) (I specially love their lighting)

Well now, take a look on my Jolly Mah rack snap shot. XD . hahaha.. It is really crowded like China. Well today I decided to migrate some of them to the bottom level of rack. :)
I seriously need to get a better rack for them :(, currently I am using some plastic cover to stick and cover side of my rack (to prevent some dust get into in).

Now, below you will see how it looks after some of them migration to bottom level of rack :)

p/s: Hope they love their new environment:)


Jolly Mah Liselle + How to Choose one  

Today, I am going to bring you to the place where I purchase NICI Jolly Mah. :) What you see below is NICI Outlet in One Utama, Malaysia.

Surprise! Jolly Mah - The Pink joining us today :D. He make lots of new friends Today.

When I walk in, I saw Jolly Mah Liselle finally arrived in Malaysia. But sadly, there is limited stock for Jolly Mah Liselle. There is only 3 left for 35 CM, and 3 left for 50cm.. 35CM one cost RM 89.90 :( expansive.. and 50cm one RM 139.90 cost even more.. >_<

Jolly Mah Pink joining Jolly Mah Liselle :D.. haha..

Oh ya, I am going to show you how to choose the good quality Jolly Mah Liselle :).

Step 1: Check on the Hand Line, this is a bad example of hand line sew.. It surpose to be 50/50 line. but what you see here is 35/65? 30/70 line...

Step 2: Check on the mouth line as well, this is an bad example for the mouth line. You can see the line are out of the mouth shape..

Conclude: Well, what I can say is this batch of Jolly Mah Liselle qualities are not as good as the previous Orange Pull Over Jolly Mah. Jolly Mah Rosa also facing the same poor quality as Jolly Mah Liselle :(

Well, this is my pair of Jolly MAh Liselle :)

I love their feet with slipper on :) slipper with flower

Jolly Mah Liselle is kind of pricy now, we just have to be more careful when buying 1. Check the quality of the sewing works first before purchase :)


The Night before I going back KL  

To Jenny:
:D, well when you come to Malaysia please don't forget to contact me... I will like to join you goto 1U NICI Store as well :D.

To Raquel:
Wish you all the best, good luck, safe journey and have fun in your holiday trip :D

I am going back to KL on tomorrow afternoon flight. :( I am going to miss this 2 fellow after I reach KL.

This just a short trip back to hometown, the next months September I will coming back again for another 10 days. :)

I am planning to visit 1U NICI outlet at evening after finishing my meeting with Jason and Danny.. Jolly Mah Liselle here I come :D. Let me update you what I buy later this evening :)

Jolly Wolf: Bye Bye... See you next month... T.T


Jenny Collection - Horses  

Thanks for Jenny comment :), now I am going to share her collection. I realize that she only collect horse series.. ha~, but it is true that the horses design in NICI are really nice. She miss out the Ferrari Horse from (NICI Sport) and Magic Forest (2 horses blue and pinky :D)

NICI Sport

Magic Forest

Today, 5:00 PM I just touch down from the plane depart from KL (Kuala Lumpur) to KB (Kota Bharu) my hometown. When I turn on my phone, I saw i received 3 missed call.. It is from NICI OneUtama Outlet, wow.. I am so surprise that they told me the NICI Jolly Mah Liselle just arrived at store :D. Ow. I quickly ask the shopkeep to help reserve 2 x 35 cm (purple and red one) and few mug :).

So if anyone like to collect the latest Jolly Mah can now go to OneUtama and purchase it

Jolly Mah Liselle
Jenny Collections :D


Raquel Completed Wild Animal Collection, and Cuddly Kingdom Wow...  

Congratulation to Raquel. She completed the NICI Wild Animal Collection :D. She sent me an e-mail on 7 July 09, it already almost a month and I just post it up. Ow.. I am sorry Raquel, hope you don't mind about it :)

Today I check my old mail box (Hotmail) I found out that Richard from Cuddly Kingdom sent me an e-mail as well, I am so surprise, happy and honor :D. We are discussing about how to promote our website (Cuddly Kingdom and Blogs), when thing start to get mature all the Royal NICI fans will get discount from buying NICI product on Cuddly Kingdom :D. That is a very good news to all of us.. Thanks Richard in advance :D

Ah.. I am sorry for the watermark, I am using some shareware photo resizer didn't actually configure nicely before do the resize. :(

Jolly Mah not counted as Wild Animal.. lol.. Sheep not counted rite? Oh ya, it remind me that we also have a farm series in NICI.. It is kind of classic one, I remember got a piggy, and a Edward the horse.


Jolly Mah Works at Concert Amy Search 2009  

Today 1st August 2009, there is a Concert Amy Search at Bukit Kiara.. I been call up for stand-by (System Technical), I bring this 2 fellow Jolly Wolf and Jolly Mah along with me. For the whole day, they watching me doing work.. :o

They really watching me... (Specially the Wolf)

Well this is my counter, "Special Case Counter". I wonder how my friend Nizam come out with this kind of naming for this counter.. -_-"

If there is any ticket redemption can't be done in the normal way (they can't find the reference number or can't find in their system) then here will be counter. What I do just to trace customer transaction, just to make sure they ticket paid then issue tickets for them

Time now is 10:45pm, ahh.. how long more I need to wait to go back :( I think Jolly Mah can't stand it no more.

Hang himself on top of the notebook LCD.... x_x

ha... Finally.. 11:10pm, I get confirmation that I can go back first.. hurray~

This is how I going back with my Jolly Mah.. Say Bye bye :D

p/s: Well, someone did ask me a very weird question... Says: "You hear the sheep talking to you?", "The sheep talks to you?", "As grown up man, you carry this sheep around?"....etc

Well what I can say is... they don't talk to me, they company me, at least when I look at them I won't feel frustrated when I stress out on works.. The last question, well I do feel shy over it.. well what the hell? I just do what I feel like now, I am going to bring him tour around and be more adventurous. :3