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I WON!!  

First I won this above! Winning bid at GBP 3.00 (RM16.80).. (Cheap :D)

And next I wont this as well (below). GBP 15.00 (RM 84.00), I think the price are reasonable.. but I am not sure about the condition of the soft toy yet... judging from the picture it looks quite good in condition, I just have to wait until I see the actual one..
:( Bad part.. Total Postal Service cost GBP 12.80 (RM 71.68), so in total I need to pay GBP 30.80 (RM 172.48) for both of them both to migrate from UK to Malaysia...

Well overall I am still happy with my own Xmas present :D....


Raquel Cologne (Germany) Trips  

Raquel, I can say she is our best NICI Fans supporter in this blog. Last week she went to Colgne (Germany) for a Medical Congress about AIDS. She is desperately looking for NICI Store in Germany (since NICI origin from Germany :D), and guess what? She found it!

That day she become Shopaholic :D. She made a shopaholic confession to me, she bought NICI Snow Cats, and a new Jolly Mah Minily (New).. She call it, Baby Jolly Mah :)

p/s: And another thing to annouce :), Raquel Finally have her own new Jolly Mah Blog -


Christmas Jolly Mah, Christmas Carols (Movie)  

Christmas is around the corner. I've been invited by my girl friend for a movie call Christmas Carols (3D version). She got it from Nuffnang Premiere Screening competition, :) see how lucky she is... Oh ya, the Movie Screening location is at The Curve, Cineleisure Damansara.

Since the Movie start at 9:30pm, and the movie tickets collection will start at 8:30pm.. and since we are kind of hungry, so we go over to IKANO Power Centre (IKEA Dining Area) to have our dinner :).

5 Chicken Wing! RM 9.00

10 Meat Ball! RM 9.90

Broccoli? er... RM 4.50?

I just love to take photo for the foods lately... specially on the close up (micro shooting). 1 good thing about DSLR camera, nice lens = nice picture :)

Here we are! Jolly Mah claims 2 tickets for Christmas Carols :D (Special thanks to Cuddly Kingdom for the Jolly Mah Xmas Edition).

"Don't chew the tickets Jolly! We need that to get into cinema!"

A nice post of the tickets and Jolly Mah.

Here come the Gorilla!! What is he trying to do!!

Jolly Mah seem scare of Gorilla now.. :D.

Oh.. show time! :), I am not gonna be a movie spoiler here. My girl friend will be, check out her blog for more movie review :D (Link here)


Jolly Mah having 擂茶  

Today, I am going to share with you all a food call (擂茶). I can't really find the english word for it, even thru online. :( I only able to find the Chinese reading material about it. (click on this link, if you like to read more about it.)

Jolly Mah: "huh? what is this?"

Jolly Mah: "It is Lei Cha (擂茶)! "

The base is fill with brown rice, and the top are fill with at least 6 kinds of vegetables :). The combination of the vegetables are various depend on restaurant.

Jolly Mah: "This is the soup for the 擂茶, mixture of mints, ground nuts, (green) tea leave, (minor fine) salt, and some additional grounded herds."

Jolly Mah: "My titbits!"

Jolly Mah: "Lastly, we call this (菜板) - Spiring Rolls (vege)"


Oh... Bunny Where Are You?  

two days ago, I received an email from Australia. A NICI fans who need a help on looking for the rabbit below.

I done some searching on eBay and amazon and there is no hit. NICI Official Website selling key-ring version.

I also sent an e-mail to Cuddly Kingdom for enquiry (hope they still have some stock for it). In Malaysia, NICI Malaysia did not bring this bunny series to Malaysia, so I can't help you locate it here :(.

Any fans out there can help me find it? :)


NICI Big El Lion and TG Tiger  

Finally, NICI Big EL Lion and TG Tiger is in Malaysia. For international buyers you all can purchase from You just have to click on the link then it will bring you to product page :). Don't forget they gave discount as well :)

Current One Utama NICI, only left 2 50cm TG Tiger and 1 50 cm EL Lion. For the rest like 25cm and 35cm there some stock there..

El: "Oh.. please please buy me~!, please!"
John: "Yeah, I promise I will buy you when I get my payment from my boss"
El: "Oh.. thanks.., I been stuck inside this shop for so long and there is no one seem to buying me..."
John: "Yeah I know the reason why..."
El: "Why??"
John: "Firstly, you are consider high end expansive soft toy.. Ha, for a 50CM you cost RM 139.90 (USD 41). Second, there are not much NICI Fans around in Malaysia.. I can count out how many of them within my 10 fingers (any Malaysia NICI fans out here? Shout out please!)"
El: ":'("
John: "Don't cry, I will bring you home :) as I promise."
El: ":'( :'( No body seem want me..."
John: "Be happy El, you will be home with me with TG I promise :). At least your best friend will not be left alone in the shop"
El: "............"

EL Lion and TG Tiger Card Holder Clips. This time they don't come with boxes. That is what you will get when you purchase them.. No boxes like old days. That is how sad it is, I wonder how am I going to keep them :(